Saturday, July 25, 2009

What I saw at Mangal Baazar today

What I saw is what you get.

Two young people were chatting just behind the Krishna Mandir. When a police arrived and started chatting to them. Obviously, it was not something cool topic they were talking. Keep browsing the pictures to view the details for yourself.

The Policeman starts talking to the young people.

The female gets up but the male keeps chatting with the policeman.

The talking goes on.

Finally the two people leave the scene.

The policeman looks on for more couples.

This is the kind of scene that we see now a days in Kathmandu valley. Young couples or just couples, or just friends a boy and a girl, are driven away from places and mostly from the temple areas. If not driven they are beaten up severely and driven away from these places. It also due to the obscene scene that they create. Some of the couples getting too much romantic and physical in such public places. But just driving them away or beating them up will not make the solution of the problem.

There should be a better solution that this one. Let this not be the so called "Loktantra"

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