Monday, December 7, 2009

ATM machine notice at Himalayan Bank

We do understand that the network does gets jammed with the increasing number of usage of the ATM machine. But the message displayed in this very ATM terminal just kept me giggling for some minutes. Hope you get my message in the first shot. Try to spot what I want you to see.

Hope you got what I wanted you to see.

If still, you've not got it, just check the spelling of the message displayed in this ATM.

Now you must have got it right. If not, then just check the spelling of "TRY".

ATM machine inside Sunrise Bank

I had to rush to get cash from any nearest ATM machines. This was an incident in Gairidhara, Kathmandu branch of Sunrise Bank.

ATM located inside the premises of Sunrise Bank Limited

I was a little bit shocked to see the ATM machine being operated in an open area. Shouldn't the bank have made all necessary preparation before operating the ATM machine. Just look at the picture, I'm quite comfortably taking a picture of a guy typing his pin code and taking out cash from the machine.

Need I say more.

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